As headlining artist for LE ART Noir, Diversity in Color, Johnathan Schultz is pleased to announce he will launch his much-anticipated exhibition, 'Out of the Darkness' during Art Basel Miami Beach, December 2-5. With his 'Out of the Darkness' series, Johnathan draws inspiration from one of his heroes, Nelson Mandela. He includes works that have never been created before, with artifacts from Mr. Mandel's time being imprisoned on Robben Island, South Africa. Schultz's artworks combine artifacts with precious metals and diamonds, including Mr. Mandela's actual fingerprints in 23Kt Gold Leaf and 18Kt gold, and many more incredible art pieces made from rare Mandela artifacts. These artworks have never been seen before and include one-of-a-kind items that will leave a lasting impression. 

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Growing up in the colorful south Florida, from the early ages from 5. Antonio attended multimedia Art schools. Where in his early years, Antonio was vigorously trained in an number mediums such as: Acrylic, oil, watercolor, photography and Dance. Recently having to survive brain surgery Antonio committed himself to creating as an outlet to express the passion he has for evoking the purpose of art. 


A former NBA basketball player and artist, blends into the riot of color and shapes and drawings and sketches and graffiti. Le Art Noir, Diversity in Color is thrilled that Mason is an influencer hosting our inaugural event during Art Basel Miami Beach.  He’s a hard man to nail down. In the next year, he’s booked at art shows from the Bahamas to Los Angeles to Chicago.   In addition, he has been cast as the lead in an upcoming action film!  Most recently he participated in the Milwaukee Bucks championship celebration.   He created the mural for the city “We are Better Together”.

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Addonis Parker was born in Avon Park, Florida in 1972.  He has been an artist since the age of six.  Addonis’ work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and events throughout the southeastern United States. During his early twenties he began creating murals and to date has several notable murals in the South Florida area, where he currently resides. 

Because of his skills and expertise, he is called upon to restore murals and artwork. He is in partnership with two major contractors for the restoration of several public art installations. 

Addonis Parker is serious about his work and understands the impact his contribution as an artist to his community.  As an accomplished mural artist, Addonis has completed a list of notable murals as well as the restoration of several murals over the last 20 years.  He contributes time and talent to the youth of his community, teaching art, working with youth on public mural projects and mentoring.  His is very sensitive to the needs of young people today endeavoring to help steer them in a better direction.  His talent has served as a meaningful vehicle to accomplish these tasks.  His work with the community influences his body of work and serves as a reminder to all of the beauty of African-American culture. 

Addonis Parker has been established 19 years as a professional artist.  He has participated in scores of group and solo exhibitions.  His work is in numerous public and private collections. 

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Rey Jaffet’s work is deeply inspired by a life spirited through exploring the flow of curiosity to create visual talismans of the misunderstood. Art making bends time into a sanctuary of deep space, made for vulnerable truths, reflection, and surrendering to love over fear. As an artist and human, he aims to make work that radiates the energy of acceptance and the undeniable beauty of a belief that we are all connected, that We Are One.

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Sean Garrison is a native Detroiter raised in Minneapolis, MN. A proclaimed “renaissance man." He is a writer and Abstract painter in which both disciplines cross-influence the other. The influences range from the words of Nikki Giovanni, Amiri Baraka, Pablo Neruda and Anne Sexton to Frank Bowling, Jackson Pollack, Willem de kooning and Ed Clark. He is a co-founder and member of the ROHO Arts collective.  A self-taught artist he feels that all artists should have a foundational understanding of art but art is conceived in the soul of the artist which precludes an academic knowledge.  He enjoys visual art in its entirety; however, abstract art's ability to elicit different responses to “what it is” intrigues him as no answer, in his opinion, is essentially wrong. 

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CHARLES EDWARD SOTO is a master distiller serving us simply the purest shots of emotion, straight up. No Chasers.  The very idea of art is often most confusing to those of us brave enough to undertake a belletristic endeavor. However, it is because of those willing to brave the darkest caves of creativity and insanity that we are given the chance to experience art, which at its most basic pure level is this: emotion distilled through the filter of experience and preserved in the concrete limits of moment and medium. Soto’s holistic approach to humanity finds itself reflected in the many mediums Soto finds comfort in working in.

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When Jalynn McDuffey began her career, she asked herself two questions: why black people were rarely portrayed in portraiture and how the oppression of blacks throughout history affect the identity of a person. Researching past portraits, she studied how the style, materials, and objects captured an individual's essence, and she set out to portray pieces that would provide a personal attachment qualities that remain unchanged--how a black person would look like in modern day. These moving "mini-portraits” reveal McDuffy's in depth exploration using a rare, human quality to express how Black struggles and culture have shaped black people over time.

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Deezy Van Buren is a Digital Artist based out of New York, with over 20 years of bonkers experience with some of the best artists in Hip-Hop and various Fortune 100 companies.  Deezy's history with design has been a natural progression between the analog and digital tools I have been gifted to master.  From initial conceptualization, to marketing development, and execution, its all been a blessing to be a part of it all and I am more than grateful.


Over the course of his career, Deezy has had the privilege of contributing to some mind blowing multi-media projects for a variety of clients, including: Universal Records, Def Jam, Pepsi, Reebok, Heineken, MTV2, NORE and Militainment, Good Dad Gang, and many others.


For his 1st ever Art Exhibition, he will be presenting his crypto art character "Crunky Squirrel and the Golden Nut" a fully developed NFT certified character that gives its collectors equity in the brand thru blockchain technology.

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