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Cornelius Tulloch is a Miami-based interdisciplinary artist and designer. With work transcending the barriers of photography, fine art, and architecture, Cornelius focuses on how creative  mediums can be combined to tell powerful stories.Whether it is through photography or painting, cinematic moments and spatial complexity are depicted in his work. Lighting and color become characters in the art. His unique storytelling through his work has been shown in fairs and museums like the Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.; Pulse Art Fair,  Miami, FL; and the Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo, Rome, Italy. From being recognized as 2016 Presidential Scholar in the Arts to having his work added to the permanent collection of the Studio Museum in Harlem, much of his success has come from the important discussions his work has created; which often are inspired by his cultural background. Being raised in Miami and gaining inspiration from his Jamaican and African American heritage, his work expresses how bodies  exist between cultures, borders, and characteristics, to create spatial impact. Cornelius is an emerging talent that is reshaping the boundaries of art and space.

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Disem305 is a Miami-based artist and illustrator of Latin American and Italian decent. Disem is best known for his vibrant murals featuring photorealistic portraits against pink and teal Art Deco inspired graffiti. Referred to as both “pretty and gritty,” Disem’s work can be found on walls around the entire world, but most frequently in Miami where Miami New Times referred to his mural of Dwyane Wade as the “Best Public Art” in 2019. Disem’s recent works include commissions for some of the world’s largest companies like Red Bull and Cricket Mobile,Under Armor as well as exhibiting his work at Museum of Graffiti, Gallery 2612, and El INAC (Panama's institute of art and Culture ). Disems signature and highly recognizable lettering continues today to expand onto apparel, houseware, and even Instagram filters.

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Ivonne Schmalbach was Born in Colombia from a young age she always pictured herself much different than the reflection she saw in the mirror. That influenced her to portray her paintings through emotions vs. visual perceptions. Throughout her childhood, those emotions were reflected in all her work. leading her to fall in love with art. She migrated to Panama at the early age of 17 to  Study fine arts at Ganexa University of Arts. During her studies, she became fascinated with sculpting and ceramics and even began working in set and costume design. Throughout these years she exhibited work in El INAC (Panama's institute of art and culture) and The Panamanian Mayors Office amongst other shows. After graduating in 1993, family responsibilities prevailed and Ivonne decided to put her passion for art aside while relocating to the USA. In 2000, a new chapter begins with further studies at Miami Dade College (MDC) earning her degree in Education of the Arts. During the college experience, she participates in a collective exhibition having one of her paintings exhibited in the reception of MDC Arts building. Ivonne graduates with high honors in 2004. Her love for Latin America culture inspires her to create a series of works filled with symbolism, titled the Pacha Mamas.  These pieces of artwork depict women with indigenous characteristics that represent Mother Earth. Her style returns to her emotional roots. Instead of portraits, she pivots her palette away from cold and dark colors to vibrant ones with the Life and Movement Series. This encompasses colorful flowers and pistils that are full of feeling, rhythm, pain, joy, and love. Often in her work we find unintentional hidden characters that appear accidentally and Ivonne allows them to remain. Her work is characterized by its symbolism and veiled figures. The viewer should be attentive to details and allow for the unexpected.


Max Guevara is a Miami based artist originally from Caracas, Venezuela where In 2010 he finished his studies in "visual communications", those studies allowed Max to develop the skills that later on defined the course of his form of expression;  One of the key element that better describes Guevara's work is the technique applied in all his pieces described by him as "Organic Native". During his career, he has intervened many different objects as well as spaces, in which cases he has applied emerging techniques based on aboriginal art in combination with different forms of  marine and fossil organic figures. Human beings understand the somewhat overused concept that “inspiration is everywhere”; but I believe artists have the ability to look further into that notion, just because for us, inspiration is not just an idea, it’s a tangible muse that drives our every move. Over the years I’ve worked hard at searching for a unique and personal way to express my thoughts and views of the world around us. And I think I’ve found it. However, my work isn’t only about what I have to say. It’s also about what the viewer feels and interprets when faced with my artwork. When I paint a canvas or intervene a piece, my thought process works to satisfy both the creator and the spectator. I want to expose my own mind, but at the same time I want people to unravel my work for themselves. I want to unleash their imagination and unveil their inner artist.

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The Artist Journey is truly Life and a creative process that adds a significant visual evidence of your progress. Houston, Texas is my home and has really brought opportunities and engagement that helps create a great Artist. My father taught me to draw, my mother was a painter, and my maternal grandmother gave me great encouragement and books about art and drawing. The Femme Blaicasso Kollection identifies the body of work that holds the thoughts and feelings of my journey. As an artist I have been able to breathe life into my emotions and carve out a platform of sought-after work which has become a humbling experience. The role of a fulltime artist is to be the evidence that as a creative, you can make it with focus, an insatiable work ethic, and a passion to capture beauty and moments that pay homage to the past and brings vibrancy to pieces that speak to the soul. Painting for 28 years is an extensive amount of time to find your voice and continue the evolutionary process, as if you are still brand new and the spark is still pure. Along with the practice of art, looking to continue mentoring young artist and set them up as true functional businesses as well. Passing along the knowledge is imperative to continuing the expansion of the creative family.

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As an artist and interior designer Nikki Chu is based in Los Angeles and Dallas. Influenced by all things stylish and lux, she incorporates elements of modern, and hand-drawn lines with abstract shapes to align perfectly with her dramatic fashion-fused vision. As an artist explores unique applications of metallic colors and mixed-media to create light and reflection. With influences that range from sophisticated abstracts to global prints and traditions. Nikki’s artistic approach is all about texture infused with an unmistakable multi- layered point of view.

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